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    • Starting with tutorials, you can quickly get the information you need to improve your business on Lazada.
    • To understand a subject in more detail, register for our courses where you will be guided in detail on seller topics, tested and awarded digital certificates.
    • Join our webinars, workshops and offline classes where you will have the chance to interact with and learn from existing sellers and Lazada experts.
    • Lazada’s one-stop e-Commerce solution


      Order Placement

      Lazada markets your products at it’s website through online & offline channels


      Order Verification

      Lazada verifies your orders and provides you with a Seller Centre to process/track orders



      You pick & pack orders, within 24 hours.



      Our 3rd party courier ships the item from your warehouse straight to the customer.


      Customer Service

      Lazada is customer point of contact for any issues or returns.

      • Process of becoming a seller

        Sign up on Lazada

        Fill your information & supply documentation

        Confirmation emails

        Check your email to confirm information

        Seller Centre Training

        Choose your training, online or at Lazada office.

        Product Creation

        Start adding your products and sell immediately

        • Supporting you on
          your journey

          • A library of knowledge for your continual learning in our university
          • FAQ databases available to answer all your queries or concerns
          • Partner support and Seller support forums for all your needs