Topic outline

  • Ship your order in minutes

    • Get notified as soon as soon as an order is placed
    • Get your order ready to ship in as little as 2 steps!
    • Prepare your order for collection
    • Standard Fulfillment

      Checking order information in Seller Center
      Printing the documents from Seller Center and picking the item from your inventory
      Packing the items
      Setting the order as "Ready to Ship" to alert 3PL for pick-up or drop-off
      • Fulfillment by Lazada

        Lazada fulfilling orders on your behalf

        • Faster shipping
          Get benefit from Lazada Multi-warehouse networks to provide your customers with trusted service and faster shipping
        • Boost your sales
          Higher seller rating, no out-of-stock issues, unlimited order volume, and no penalties for for your FBL products.
        • Cost effective & simple to use
          Your orders will be managed, processed and delivered by Lazada.